Special Message

March 8, 2020

Dear Church,

This is your special invitation to join us for a special worship experience this Sunday, March 22 at 10:30 a.m. This service is going to be different in numerous ways:

1. Your pastoral staff, Bro. Jud, some Praise Team members, a few

instrumentalists, & a few running our lights, sound, & computer will be the only ones in our sanctuary; 9 or 10 persons total.

2. You are invited to join us as we present a live stream of our service.

Information about how to join us will be sent out via email, posted

on our Facebook page, and on our church webpage.

3. You are encouraged to be an active participant in worship from the

safety of your home. We will be sharing with you how to:

     * share your prayer requests,

     * give your tithes & offerings,

     * & you will have access to my sermon outlines for your notetaking.


None of us would have chosen the circumstances in which we find ourselves, but remember…

He has a plan, He’s in control, & we will choose to trust Him!

Please know that we are praying for you. Let us know if we can minister to you & those you love in any way.

I love you & look forward to worshiping with you on Sunday!

Pastor Doug

covid-19 Coronavirus

Please continue to check back here for updated information concerning our church, it's members, and our community.